With over thirty years of experience in the automobile industry, Credit Union Deals answered the call when local financial institutions struggled to sell their reclaimed vehicles.

Our experience with these financial institutions tell us they don’t have the time, resources, or experience to sell their reclaimed vehicles. Because of this, they regularly have to let these vehicles go for way less than their value, often to auctions!

Credit Union Deals is a marketplace that supports and services financial institutions at no charge, helping them get their vehicles online everywhere for a quick sale much higher than any auction will pay! And for the buyer, they are also able to get a deal from a trusted financial institution. Credit Union Deals looks to bring buyers and financial institutions together, to create a good deal for all parties!

Vehicles for Sale

2009 CADILLAC Escalade

Great condition with leather seats, powerful V8 engine, and luxerious interior.  Third row seating!


Last image is of front right tire.

2000 NISSAN Sentra

Financial institution believes only mechanical issue is starter.  Vehicle was driven to financial institution.

Find a car you like? Name your price.

Reasons To Buy

Connect with local branches where you will find the best deals.
Find Your Deal

Find Your Deal

Financial institutions often sell vehicles to auction at a fraction of the price. This is your chance to grab cars at a great price before they are taken away to auction!

Buyer Confidence

Buyer Confidence

Credit Union Deals partners with trusted financial institutions to showcase a wide range of automobiles, boats, and recreational vehicles. Each car listing includes a free history report, and can be delivered to your door!

Online Payments & Buyer Protections

Online Payments & Buyer Protections

Credit card, debit card and Paypal are all accepted to complete the transaction online. End-to-end encryption keeps your online transaction guarded from start to finish.